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Range of Ballet training

At Timestep we have an extensive range of classes for all aspects of Ballet training, which is the foundation of all great dancers.

Ballet Masterclass:

For this class you will need to bring in a Gym Ball, and small ball, a yoga mat and a gym elastic band. We use this equipment to strengthen and to improve placement. Exercises are designed to improve posture, turn-out and alignment.

Mondays at Wymering Methodist Church:
4:30 – 5:00pm Junior Ballet masterclass (Grade 3 Ballet and below) £4
6:30 -7:00pm Senior Ballet Masterclass (Grade 4 Ballet & Above) £4

Free work class:

We have introduced NEW Free work Ballet classes that will give the pupils more coaching and training in the free work used in their syllabus classes. Concentrating on Adage and Allegro, but also incorporating coaching in pirouettes and extra pointe work.

Mondays at Wymering Methodist Church:
5:30 – 6:00pm Grade 4, Grade 5 and Intermediate Ballet £4

Pointe work:

There are separate classes available for pointe work. Even if you are working towards going up on pointe these classes will help strengthen and improve all work en pointe.

Thursdays at Wymering Methodist Church:
7:00 – 7.45pm Beginner Pointe £5
7:00 – 7.45pm Advanced Pointe £5